Perfect Pollinators

I remember as a child playing in the garden, watching butterflies basking in the sun and flitting from flower to flower. Listening to the bees buzz with delight as they disappeared into the foxglove flowers.

Currently the world population of Butterflies and Bumblebees is in crisis. Many of our garden pollinators are declining in numbers, these insects are vital in the pollination and production of not just flowers but fruit and vegetables.

Research has shown that this is mainly due to lack of habitat and food for the pollinating insects. They need constant and varied supply of pollen throughout the year. You can help with this problem in your own garden, with a few choice insect friendly plants you can make a difference.

Last year I decided to add more wildflowers and insect friendly plants into my own garden. I was astounded that by late spring and well into autumn it was buzzing with beautiful butterflies, bees and pollinating bugs.

So why not try adding a few perfect pollinators to your patch and help reverse the trend? You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping a little towards preventing the extinction of threatened pollinating insects, with the added benefit of a beautiful busy garden.

You can visit the RHS website to download lists of the best garden plants and wildflowers for pollinating insects or arrange a consultation with one of The Garden Doctors to chat about making your garden a haven for wildlife and get your garden buzzing again this summer!

Words & Images © Kat Weatherill