Spring Bulbs

Nothing looks more beautiful than the first bulbs flowering in a spring garden. The sight of daffodils nodding their heads, through to the glorious vibrant Tulips singing welcome to the promise of sunshine and summer.

Dont be disheartened if your garden isn’t the riot of Spring bulbs you would love! Get out your note pad out and jot down your wish list now. Then come Autumn you can hand your wish list to us (or we can plan the display for you) we can source, supply and plant them for you! Or if you want to have a go yourself, here are a few guidelines:

Bulbs will be available to buy from September, but you must plant them before December. When buying bulbs check they are healthy, they shouldn’t be soft, shrivelled, damaged or mouldy, they should be fresh, firm and plump.

Once you have your bulbs try to plant them within a week. The main tips for planting are to ensure you don’t plant them upside down! Pointy end up, if in doubt plant on their side. They need well drained soil and some sunshine. A general guideline is to plant them three times their own depth and two bulbs widths apart, firm in and gently cover with soil, ensure there are no air pockets. If your soil is on the moist side plant on grit sand and cover with soil mixed with a little more sand and compost. We prefer to group plant with a minimum of 5, in a single variety and colour for more impact. Single bulbs can look quite lonely and mixed colours a little busy.

Our top 5 bulbs

1. Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus (pheasants eye narcissus) – Flowers March- April 35cm Fragrant pure white flower with tiny red edged cup centre

2. Camassia leichtlinii Alba – Flowers April – June, 90cm, spires of creamy white star shaped flowers, long flowering period, happy in moist soil.

3.Tulip ‘Black Hero’  – Flowers April-May, 60cm, peony type flower in the darkest purple, a stunning double version ‘Queen of the night’

4. Tulip ‘Flaming Spring Green’ – Flowers April – May, 50cm cream and green with a ripple of raspberry running through it. A beautiful cut flower.

5. Allium Hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ –  Flowers May-June, 90cm, purple pom-pom on a tall elegant stem.

Once your bulbs are in the ground you can sit back knowing that spring will be a visual feast of colour for months!

Words and Images © Kat Weatherill